The Reason for the Opioid Addiction

There is currently an opioid crisis in America, mainly among whites.

What is the reason for this?

Everything in our culture is designed to make us feel like we want more.

Our high carbohydrate sugary foods leave us wanting more.

Advertising leaves us wanting more.

Instagram and Facebook make us want the lifestyles of others (even though their lifestyles are not so good to begin with)

Pornography makes us unsatisfied.

Our modern relationships are shallow and lack human connection.

Whenever you have an artificial dopamine spike, you want to chase that spike (which you will never get)

What do opioids do?

They make you feel satisfied. When you finish a large satisfying meal, a form of opioids are released, which sends signals to make you feel satisfied.

The only way you get satisfaction is through the natural laws of order.

Freedom does not make you happy. Adherence to the natural laws of order does. You will never be happy or satisfied if you chase this dopamine rush. You achieve true happiness through order.

Review of Essays on Embracing Masculinity by Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich became mainstream after he became a big media guy in 2015 and 2016, tied with the whole Trump phenomenon.

Anyone who’s followed him for a while knows that his best work was before this time period. Before this time period,  his works were raw, and full of passion. His more famous book from this time, Gorilla Mindset, was a masterpiece.

This was a very good book too. It’s essentially a collection of blog posts from his Danger & Play days (pre 2015), which have all since been deleted. The stuff is gold. It’s worth it to buy just to have access to the formerly popular blog that has since been deleted.

Mike has tamed a bit, maybe due to marriage or family (who knows, or even cares since the content is what is important). Either Amazon, or he, took down this book, but you can still purchase it on eBay.

It’s a must read. Not in the way that other books are (like a Dale Carnegie or a Gorilla Mindset or something). It’s not a classic book by any means. It’s raw, no bullshit, typo-filled, and politically incorrect. But it’s damn entertaining, and you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

The Gym is Becoming Like a Nightclub

The loud pop music

The girls in revealing clothes

The chatting

The staring at their cellphones

People forgetting to clean up after themselves

Drinking unhealthy drinks

Doing drugs.

The gym is turning into a nightclub

I don’t like it.

Nightclubs drain your energy.

If I want to lift, I’d rather go to an old school gym. No music. Everyone trying to become the strongest version of themselves. Brotherhood. Respect. You can take off your shoes. No fluff and pump.

I don’t even care if the level of the others is very high. They can be fat and out of shape. You can be an old timer who is just hitting the weights for the first time. All I care is if they are trying to better themselves.

Less of a focus on ‘bodybuilding.’ The sport itself is very weird. Build muscle and look good, but most involved in the sport are chasing a dream that doesn’t exist. They also focus too heavily on the fluff and pump rather than the testosterone building compound lifts.

The ‘Dad Bod’ is The Ideal Male Body

The ‘dad bod’ is a type of body that many people like to make fun of. It is characterized by above average body fat and lack of muscle definition. It is called a ‘dad bod’ because many times, dads will develop this body after getting married and having kids. While this is not ideal, and all of the readers of this blog should stay in shape (even dads), a dad with this type of body is more successful than the rest of us without kids. He’s already won. His legacy has been able to live on. Everything he does after that point is great, but it pails in comparison to having kids and continuing that last name.

You have a single jacked guy who’s in the gym every day. Who gives a shit if you don’t have kids? The top reasons to develop that body are to attract a woman to have kids, and to protect those kids. You haven’t met a women to have kids with? You’re a loser. The skinny fat guy buying groceries for his kids you snicker at at the grocery store is the winner.

These dads can improve their lives by lifting. No question. They can live out happy, healthy, and wealthy lives if they make the right choices. But who cares if you don’t satisfy your ancestors and produce anything for the world?

Quiet Desperation Is The Worst Case Scenario

Many people talk about FEMA Camps, or civil war, or the dollar collapse. While these are all possibilities, and I think a dollar collapse could easily occur, I think the worst case scenario is for the mass of men to head on the path that they are currently undertaking. In times of crisis, men have a purpose. That is not to say that men can’t find their purpose in the modern world. You and I are able to do this. But the mass of men is not as smart as us. (Watch any Mark Dice video, many people don’t even know who the president is, or who Martin Luther King was). And whether you like it or not, we are part of the collective. As a collective, we go further and further down the road of hedonism and degeneracy. We disagree with degeneracy, but we are too content with our lives. The dollar is still good. Football is still on the new flat screen TV. Our houses are still heated. Why complain?

The worst case scenario is for us to continue down this path of degeneracy. Our current path bears no fruit. Instant gratification pleasures are not meaningful. The bonds that are forged during crisis are worth more than all the pleasures combined. And at least in the case of some kind of crisis, the people would wake up. Men are at their best in times of crisis. The elites want us just comfortable enough not to say anything, or opt out of the system.

You need money. Make lots of it. But realize the whole system is bullshit and can collapse at any moment. The only things that really matter are what we do and the people we surround ourselves with.

The Nature of Friendship in America

‘Friendship’ is one of the most toxic concepts to come from the west and America. It comes from hyper individualism that I will talk more about in future posts. In America, people usually only make conversation with their friends. They only hang out with their friends. They only eat with their friends. In other cultures, the close relationships people have, are not with their friends, but their surrounding people. You see, in America, people believe we can choose our identity. Don’t be so naive. In other countries your close relationships are the people who you grow up around with and your kin, not some assorted mismatched basket of ‘friends’. Yes, we were meant to have mutually beneficial cherry picked relationships, but these people are not people you would see very often. You would see these people maybe once every few weeks, to discuss a new project, or to exchange goods. You have mutual respect and understanding for this person. But this person is not the same type of close relationship that you have with the people that you grow up with. If all your ‘friends’ are these cherry picked relationships that are mirror images to you, you won’t grow as a man, you won’t have any dimension, and you will be missing other valuable personality types that make up a group. You also have no other common bond other than ego (which is what our individualistic consumerist culture is all about). In the past, the bonds were blood bonds. Birth bonds. Bonds from war. Bonds spanning multiple generations (family friends). Where are these bonds today? They seem to be missing. You can’t just shop for your friends at Walmart. That’s not how relationships work. The people you shop for are people that have mutually beneficial interests, and are maybe good to have a discussion with every now and then(don’t get me wrong, these people are very important). True friendships are given to you before you are born.

The Truth on Movies

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?


Are movies good or bad?

It’s complicated. I’m sure most of you know this.

Movies are captivating. Stories are captivating. They’ve been that way since the beginning of time. We strive to emulate heroes. Hercules, Rocky, William Wallace.

Arnold became who he was after watching Reg Park in the movies. Reg Park lit the fire in Arnold’s belly, inspiring him from his small village in Austria to become a bodybuilder, actor, and governor.

Books are great, but the spoken word, and acting have been around since the beginning of time. They have been used to pass down stories from grandfather to grandson over years and years.

Today, it’s no secret that the movies have been promoting degeneracy. They are changing the concepts of good and bad, and masculine and feminine. John Wayne’s characters would no longer be welcome in Hollywood. This all stems from postmodern ‘art’ and the new standards for beauty that they are trying to create.

The truth is, this has sort of always been the case in Hollywood. It’s just gotten really overt in the past few years.

There are a group of people in Hollywood who make the movies, who also do other bad stuff that we won’t get into. You can research that yourself. Their nasty characters, their souls, and who they worship and what they do ultimately comes out in their movies.

Ultimately anything these Hollywood snakes these days can do that is good will be imitation. This is why you see so many sequels these days. They can only imitate, they can’t create. Guess who shares that inability?

The issue with the presentation of movies is with how bad they are for your eyes.

The animation and the fast jumps are not good for our eyes and brains.

Notice how they tell you at the beginning of movies ‘may cause seizures’. Don’t watch animated movies. Not only are they junk, they’ll give you brain damage.

All this entertainment has created consumers instead of creators. Instead of spending your money to ‘be entertained,’ you should be content without it. Once you are entertained you will need more and more. This is what happens when people go on Youtube binges. Ultimately you will be wasting time that you will never get back when you are watching prank videos on Youtube or binging a Netflix series.

Maybe get paid to entertain people instead?

If you watch movies, watch the older ones. Their plot is better and they won’t pervert you as much. As far as genre, there is nothing wrong with wanting to watch a beautiful movie. If you watch the older movies, they are beautiful. Listen to the music. The voices. The women. Everything about them. They are beautiful. They can be motivating. But there is a certain beauty to them.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?